Monday, May 6, 2013

Chicago Weekend Wrap UP

Hello loves! I am back from Chicago and trying to catch up on so much today!  I thought it would a good idea to share some photos with you that I took on both my Canon & iPhone during my trip.  I shot some outfit photos out there too with the amazing Grant Legan and as soon as I get the images I will be posting them later this week and next week too, so stay tuned. So excited to share!! 

At the airport (6am) waiting for our flight.  Wearing Furor Moda "Adventure With Me" top, H&M jacket and jeans, Mandee Loafers. 

With my sis, Fashion Meets Fitness. 

When we got there Friday it literally felt like a winter day and I was so not prepared. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday felt more like Spring! The Chicago streets really reminded me of NY, only the people and vibe are so different.  Everyone is super nice and friendly.  I met so many people in just 2 days.  Love all the buildings & lamp posts too. So pretty.

Breakfast club fist pump!

We stayed at The W in the loop downtown.  I was obsessed with this Wish Pillow and quote on the wall, it's one of my favorites. 

Surviving off little sleep the first day!  With my friend Vanessa.

The first night I went to an event at a boutique called Dove Tail.  They sell pieces from local designers in Chicago as well as vintage goods.  Pretty cool!  

Designs by Shelby Steiner 

With my fave!

Black & White candid shot by Grant 

After the event we went out for some food and drinks.  On Saturday, I shot all afternoon with Grant.  But before that, went to check out Navy Pier and grab a quick bite to eat.  

Playing photographer at Grant's studio :) Don't you love his denim on denim look?!

After I shot my looks, I did some pics for STOCK MFG.CO hats.  They're a Chicago based brand.

After shooting, I went back to the hotel for some food and wine with my sis and friend and then spent the rest of the night out at a couple of different spots with Grant and his friends.  Everyone was amazing love them all! 

Sunday afternoon waiting for my flight.

I wish I had taken more scenic pics but there was just not enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.  The weekend flew by so fast.  I am definitely planning another trip to Chicago this summer for a longer period of time so I am excited to go back and explore some more!  I cannot wait to share my outfit photos with you too! Hope you enjoyed the pics :) 


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