Saturday, December 31, 2011

Style Resolutions

This is my last post of 2011!! I wasn't sure if I would have been able to post again this weekend but I wanted to get one more in! Hopefully some of you are around to read it :) We all make resolutions whether it's hitting the gym more frequently, paying off debt, spending more time with family, etc. so why not make some style resolutions for 2012?  What are some things that you want to wear more or less of?  Are there some trends that you've been wanting to try out but not sure if you can pull it off?  Whatever you have been wanting to do so that you can switch up your style & wardrobe, you should definitely do it in this upcoming year.  There's a few things that I want to experiment with more in 2012.  Here's a set that I created to show you my style resolutions!

My Style Resolutions 2012

The color for 2012 is going to be Tangerine Tango.  I don't have much in this shade and I'd really like to try it out.  I find that when I wear brighter colors, my spirits get lifted and I'm in a much happier mood.  It's strange how the way you dress can reflect the way you feel.

I started getting into printed pants this past year, but I want to experiment more with other pieces.  I'd like to get more shirts & jackets with prints and try out some mix & matching.  Prints can be really fun to rock.

And some more sparkle! I know that glitter and everything shiny is very girly, but sometimes that's the type of mood that I am in.  You have to be careful so that what you are wearing isn't overdone with sparkle because it can look too cheap and tacky, but I'd love to get a sparkle clutch similar to this one & other accessories.  I still want these Miu Miu kicks.

Here's a few things that I have had my eye on lately & I will probably be getting this new year :)

[ALDO Maxwells]

I don't really wear sneakers unless I'm going to the gym or it's a real chill/laid back day.  I used to wear dunks & jordans back in the day, but now my favorite pair of kicks are my black & white converse that I will never part with.  They're classic.  But there's something about these Aldo sneakers that I love.  I'm thinking about getting them this week. I love the black & bronze ones.


I really like these tights.  I have to admit I have yet to experiment with printed tights, but if worn the right way they can look really great.  I've been wanting these from BCBG for awhile now & I think it might be time! 


This is so girly but it's really cute.  It def has more of a spring/summer vibe and I think it would be a great statement piece for any outfit. I love the butterflies on this & I haven't seen anything like it.

[Alexander McQueen]

As you know I love blazers.  I have been wanting a pink one and saw a similar one like this at H&M.  Hoping to add it to my wardrobe soon!

[Michael Kors]

I have the black oversized watch from MK but I really like this rose gold one.  Watches are a great accessory and this color goes with everything.  It will definitely make your wrist stand out! 

I've got a lot to get done today before partying later tonight!  I'm anxious to share my NYE dress with you all.  It's the one I wanted but went through hell to get lol. I will tell the story when I post pics :) I hope you all have a wonderful NYE & look fabulous! Stay safe xoxo

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lesson Learned.

When I was 16 I got my first job at Joyce Leslie.  I think that's when I started to fall in love with fashion.  I loved being around clothes all the time & being one of the first girls in high school to start new trends.  I remember I was one of the first to wear a one shoulder sleeve shirt and a denim jumpsuit when those were in style.  But I never wanted anyone to wear the same clothes as me.  There's a story that my best friend likes to tell to this day.  She always teases me about it. Even her mother brings it up to me from time to time and we all have a good laugh.

Back in high school before we became so close, she came to school wearing the same dress as me.  I made a huge deal about it, told everyone that she was copying me, she cried and left school early.  It's funny now to look back at how I acted over something so stupid.  But it was mean and it relates to today and how a lot of people still act believe it or not.  The stores that you shop at are all around the world.  The chances of you wearing the same thing as someone else are very high, especially if you have a similar sense of style.  I know of a few occassions where I went to a wedding & a party wearing the same exact dress as another girl.  And yeah, it can be a little embarrassing at first but you get over it.  If you give the same exact outfit to two different people, I guarantee that each of them will wear it in completely different ways.  Why do you think they have "Who Wore It Best?" in those celeb magazines?

I hear & see things frequently from girls saying that so and so is "copying their style" etc.  Who really cares though? Did it ever occur to you that maybe your style influences other people to go out and get the same things as you?  If anything, you should take that as a compliment. Back then I wanted to be the first and the only one to wear certain things, but that just isn't possible.  We all get inspired and influenced from other people.  You will never be the first to wear something unless you yourself has created it.  That's the whole reason why I started this blog in the first place.  I don't care if anyone goes out and buys the same things that I have or wears a similar outfit.  This is why I write all of the places that I buy my clothes from.  I actually want to inspire and influence you to wear similar things so that it can help you find your own personal style.  And it's ok to not always wear designer shoes & clothes.  I'm not sure why that has to be of so much importance to some people.  Of course it's nice to treat yourself when you can, but you shouldn't be ashamed that you found something great at a cheaper store.  If you like it & you're comfortable wearing it, then please do so and be confident about it.  I love when I find things at thrift shops.  It sort of relates to the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  Some people get rid of items that you can do amazing things with, like my favorite statement necklace :)

If you're a trend setter, then OWN it.  There's no need to make other people feel bad because they got influenced by your unique sense of style.  It's petty and insignificant, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people out there like this.   There's much more important things to worry about.  This is just something that I have been thinking about it and I wanted to share with you all, especially because I used to be that girl! Lesson learned. :) xo

2011 Flashback

I was looking through my photos from this past year & decided to create a post with some of my favorite looks.  With the new year approaching this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time.  Since I've already posted a lot of my outfits from the past few months, a lot of these are from going out in the warmer weather or on vacation in LA & Miami.  It really makes me miss the summer!! But before we know it, winter fashion will turn into spring/summer 2012! :)

Geek Chic!  Loved this outfit.  So simple, but it still made a statement.  I wore it out to a bar in the city. I have on high waisted wool shorts from Forever 21, plain white tank from Target, peep toe sling backs from Forever21, thrifted necklace and of course, my glasses!

I wore this out for a friend's birthday.  Here I am wearing a tight fitted pink dress from H&M with Shoedazzle pumps. You can't really see it in this photo, but the heels have little rhinestones all over them.  I absolutely adore these but I can't lie, they hurt my feet! I have on a statement necklace from Forever21 and I used one of my favorite clutch/bags that I think I found at Mandee.

RAWR!  I actually wore this in November a few days before my birthday.  I know that printed pants are not for everyone, but I love these.  I have on animal printed harem style pants from Forever21, this top with embellished sleeves from H&M, my Bakers wedges, feather necklace from Forever21, H&M bag, and my ray-bans!

Unfortunately I do not have a better pic of me in this outfit.  But you still get the idea. I wore this out in the city for my g-hub's birthday. I have on printed harem style pants from H&M, Target tank, Zara shoes, belt & clutch that were great finds at Charlotte Russe, and Forever21 statement necklace.  

I wore this out in Miami.  I completely forgot about this skirt.  I only wore it once.  It's from Metro Park. I'm not sure where this tank is from, I have on open toe sparkle shoes from Guess, and I'm wearing an earlace from LacebyTanaya. 

This is one of my favorite outfits!  I love these colors.  I actually wore this twice, but with different shoes.  Here I wore it out in LA.  The skirt is from forever21 and this top is Madison Marcus.  I actually won this on ebay from Kim Kardashian.  It was brand new with tags for $225 and I got it for only $65 :) These shoes are from Zara and the first time I wore this I put on my peep toe sling backs from Forever21. 

I love this!  I wore it on Rodeo drive in LA.  This floral skirt is from Forever21 & tank is from Target.  I have on gold Michael Kors watch, Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM bag, ray-bans & I can't remember which sandals.  It's a very simple summer outfit but it was fun to wear. 

I don't have a better pic in this outfit either, but I wore it during the day in Miami when it was a little cooler out.  These are high waisted trousers from H&M & this tank is H&M as well. I have on my oversized Marc Jacobs shades and flats from Target. It was simple, comfortable, & I forgot I had these pants! 

These are two outfits that I wore out in LA.  The first is a dress from Zara.  I just love this shade of blue. I know you can't see the front of it, but it was a very simple dress.  I'm wearing my Zara shoes again. The second is a Forever21 dress, same shoes, (the most comfortable heels I own!), Aldo clutch bag, and statement necklace from Forever21.  I don't wear my hair up a lot, but I think it went well with this dress. 

There's of course many more, but I think I had the most fun wearing these and that's what fashion is all about; being creative and having fun with what you wear.  I am looking forward to this new year with new fashion trends!  But more importantly, new opportunities :) I will try to get in one or two more posts before the new year, but if not please be safe this weekend & bring in the new year the right way!! Much love <3 Naty

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FEATURE: Inspired to wear...

I received another photo submission today :) Andrea was inspired to wear a blazer with a statement necklace.  Here are the photos she sent me & this is what she had to say about her outfit:

Hey Naty, 

I wore this to a christmas dinner. At first I had absolutely no idea what to wear, I didn't want to look too fancy but I definitely wanted to look fab. I decided to look through your blog and I got inspired by your Blazers Galore post and I also got inspired by how you were able to make outfits stand out with a statement necklace. So thats exactly what I did, I wore a plain black shirt, with a pair of blue jeans and a black blazer which I got all at H&M. The blazer had beige sleeves so to give some life to my outfit, I rolled up the sleeves and wore my nude pumps from Steve Madden. I broke out of my comfort zone and wore a statement necklace from Aldo, I LOVED it!! 

Thanks for inspiring to put together this outfit, and helping me step out of my comfort zone. I loved it!!! 

<3 Andrea - Rutherford, NJ. 

I'm loving this necklace and the way it breaks up the black on top. The blazer sleeves rolled up with the nude pumps was also a great touch to this outfit. I think that every woman should have a pair of nude pumps.   You look very fab & trendy Andrea! I'm happy that I was able to help inspire one of your outfits!! Thanks so much for sending me this. xo 


"A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous" - Coco Chanel 

Military Trend

I received another special request for a blog post on the current Military trend that came back for this fall/winter. This trend has been around for years.  Military style coats and blazers are especially huge this season.  I've been seeing them everywhere and I'm sure you have too. Khaki, fatigues & greys are the most common colors for this. Big buttons, belts, lace up boots & emphasized shoulders are some of the main elements that come with this style. But besides the jackets, there are actually other ways to wear this trend & incorporate the military inspired pieces into your wardrobe.

Military Inspired

Starting from left to right:

Button down belted shirt dresses (DAY Birger) are another military inspired piece as well as these suede knee high boots with button embellishments (FENDI).  Wear something similar with this belted coat (TOPSHOP) and it's a surefire way to wear this trend.

This double breasted blazer (BALMAIN BLAZERS) would look great with a pair of khaki colored skinny pants (TOPSHOP).  You can wear something like this with a plain shirt underneath and then accessorize with a military vintage scarf (CODELLO), tassel ankle booties (STEVE MADDEN) and a military tote (MARC JACOBS)

Military parkas (SCOTCH & SODA) are a great way to wear this trend without using the obvious button/belted style jackets.  For a more casual style, wear this parka over a sweater with shoulder embellishments (CARVEN), a pair of dark denim skinny jeans (CITIZENS) and combat boots (ALL SAINTS).

For something a little different, if you want to take this trend a little further, try wearing military inspired trousers (MALENE BIRGER) with a silk button down (CHLOE), military pin (BKE BROOCHES), lace up booties (TORY BURCH), and a handbag like this one (ZADIG & VOLTAIRE).

Another popular military inspired piece are hats like this (KERIN ROSE).  It would look great with a shoulder embellished cardigan (HOTEL PARTICULIER), black leggings (WAREHOUSE), and lace up booties (SAINTS OF FASHION).

Another surefire way to rock this trend are with longer length coats that have belts/buttons (T.BABATON) and knee high/over the knee boots (BCBG).  This is great if you are looking to be "military chic."

I hope this helped and that it inspires you to try out this trend! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas

Christmas came & went with the blink of an eye! I have to say though that I had an amazing day with my family.  There was good food, good drinks & even better company.  I made my mother & sister very happy with their presents and they definitely did a great job with mine.  Moments like those are the ones you cherish forever.

I wanted to post the outfits that I wore this weekend and a few of my new gifts :)  Christmas Eve I spent half the day with my family and the other half with my best friend & her fam at their annual Christmas Eve party.  During the day, I wore this great new creme sweater from H&M.  It comes just to the waist and it's loose fitting.  So very comfortable & I actually want to go back and get this in other colors.  I wore it with ripped jeans, a printed scarf, and my Steve Madden lace up booties.  Very casual, trendy & most importantly, cozy!

I put on these flower earrings from Forever21 and my big white oval ring from Aldo.

I transformed myself at night for the party.  I'm wearing this green dress from Zara.  It's very simple with slightly puffy sleeves that I love.  I wore my favorite statement necklace that I thrifted a few months back (it really made the outfit) with my Nine West tan pumps. I'm wearing my rustic ring from H&M and the final touch was Ruby Woo lipstick.  I got a lot of compliments on this look.  Very chic & sohpisticated, just how I like it!

Christmas day was spent at my aunt's house for dinner & drinks.  It was really casual, so I went with this new oversized sweater from H&M.  It's a mix of gold and bronze and it's extremely warm!  Almost a little too warm.  I put it over leggings with my over the knee boots.  Then I added this new scarf that I got for Christmas from my mom that matched perfectly with this amazing oversized envelope clutch that I also got from her this Christmas.  The last touch was Sophisto lipstick from MAC. 

Here's a pic of me & my family from yesterday :) Only thing missing is my father, my guardian angel <3 

I absolutely loved everything that I got, but here's a few of my favorite gifts this year. 

[Michael Kors wallet]

[Oh, Lola perfume by Marc Jacobs]

[Oversized Envelope Clutch]

[Treble Clef necklace from Boutique]

[Makeup Case- Caboodle]

Now I just have to find something fab to wear on NYE :)  I hope that you all enjoyed this holiday weekend! 

xo Naty

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays :)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I still can't believe that this year is almost over.  I know we will all be busy this weekend celebrating with our families and friends so I wanted to get one more post in before Christmas.  I created a few more holiday inspired sets to give you some ideas of things to wear for Christmas & New Years :)

Sparkle- Pink & Silver



Winter Wonderland

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend & get everything that you want.  Make sure to appreciate your loved ones during this season & always! <3 Naty

Thursday, December 22, 2011


[H&M striped top]

I got a special request for me to make some sets with different ways to wear stripes & since I just wore them yesterday I thought today would be a great time to post this.  Stripes are another trend that's been around for awhile and believe it or not, there's a lot of different ways you can wear them.
It all depends on your personal preference and how much of it you want to wear.


There's a lot going on here, so I'll start from left to right.
These blue/white loafer flats are from & I think they're adorable.  For a real casual look, these would look great with a pair of dark skinny jeans, a plain white tee & a navy blue blazer.  These shoes are a great way to incorporate stripes into your outfit in a more subtle way. These jeans are from J Brand, shirt is Alexander Wang & Blazer from Modcloth.

Next is an outfit with some edge.  You can wear a black & tan striped shirt like this one from Oasis with a pair of leggings or black skinny jeans and booties.  These leggings are from Warehouse & booties are from French Connection.  Put on a leather jacket like this one from Dynamite & add a red scarf to throw in some extra color.  This one is from Target.

For a more comfy vibe, try an oversized striped sweater like this blue & white one from TopShop.  Wear it over a pair of leggings, these are Monsoon, and a pair of combat boots like these from Jeffrey Campbell. Throw on a white/creme snood like this one from All Saints for extra warmth & texture.

If you want to incorporate more stripes & color, go with a top like this blue/white one from Pure Dash.  Wear it with some ripped skinny jeans, these are DSquared & add a red blazer like this one from Warehouse.  Put on some red pumps, these are from TopShop & accessorize with a matching striped bag like this one from RI2K.  When I think of stripes, I think of red.  It's a great color to add to give your outfit that extra something.

Next is this striped skirt from Daphne.  You can wear something like this with a tucked in blouse, this one from Soaked In Luxury and put on some Mary Jane pumps like these from Dorothy Perkins.  It's a more sophisticated way to wear stripes.

I have a striped blazer jacket from Forever21 that I have posted about before and it's one of my favorites.  It's somewhat similar to this one from Chloe & it's a great way to add stripes to your ensemble.  You can wear it over a plain black dress similar to this one from Religion Clothing and put on black wedges like these from Steve Madden.  And then to add some color, accessorize with a red clutch.  This one is Leola.

For something a little sexier and chic, wear a dress like this orange one from Supertrash and pair it with some striped heels.  These are LISKA by THOMAS KIRCHGRABNER.  I am loving these colors.  The shoes are a really nice touch here.

As you can see, there are different looks that you can pull off with stripes.  Some people are afraid to wear them, but they can be really fun.  As I mentioned before, start off with some striped accessories.  You can get a scarf, hand bag, hat, gloves, or shoes and slowly start incorporating them into your wardrobe.  Experiment! That's what finding your style is all about :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweaters & Cardigans

It's time to stock up on sweaters & cardigans if you haven't already done so.  I remember a time when sweaters weren't really thought of as fashionable.  I have all these memories of really ugly ones with terrible patterns.  I used to get them as gifts for my birthday and Christmas when I was really young and I hated them lol (sidenote: I would love to go to an ugly sweater party for Christmas!)
But now, I adore them & they are very trendy. I have a lot of them. They come in so many different styles too like cowl & v neck, long & cropped, oversized, etc.  Same with cardigans. They go great with jeans & boots.  The longer length ones look really nice with leggings & a belt.  If long enough, you can wear it as a sweater dress. They look really good with printed scarves as well.  Cardigans are great for wearing over a sleeveless dress or top.  Basically, you can do so much with them.

I wore this not too long ago to the city for a casual dinner.  This is probably my favorite sweater right now.  It's from H&M of course.  I put on a thin black belt, also from H&M, to bring it in around my waist and to break up some of the color. I wore it over leggings with my Bakers wedges.  Then I just accessorized with silver jewelry.  I wore this another time as a sweater dress with black stockings and boots.  

Here I'm wearing another pair of leggings with a plain black top, same wedges & my open cardigan/sweater from Forever21.  I love long cardigans like this.  I have on a printed scarf which I'm wearing 2 different ways.  I ended up just wrapping it around my neck like the photo on the left.  It kept me warmer that way :)

This outfit I've posted previously in (keeping warm in style) so I won't explan it again.  But I do love this  sweater & the way this outfit came out :)

  This sweater is from Express & I've worn it 2 different ways as shown.  Both times I wore my ripped jeans from Forever21 & used my Metro Park hand bag.  The first time I put on these low heel grey boots & used my wrap around creme scarf from Forever21. The second time I put on my grey pumps and didn't go with the scarf.  Very subtle changes, but still a difference. I put this on tonight just for the blog because I didn't have any pics in it.  I didn't have time to do that with my other sweaters, but as I start wearing them more & in different ways I'll be sure to take pics and post. :)
 Stay warm lovies! xx

Monday, December 19, 2011

Custom Sets

I've been having so much fun making all of these.  I love being creative, especially when it comes to fashion.  I wanted to share my new creations with you guys :)

Fashion Dream Job- Stylist


I actually made this one for a contest.  This is a real funky & trendy look for this season.  I love the mix of these colors & these leggings are amazing. 

The New Chic


This one was holiday inspired.  It's definitely something that I would wear.  Again, I'm loving these colors and I am obsessed with this bag!

Into the Night with Armani Exchange

I made this one for an Armani Exchange contest.  I had to create a NYE outfit inspired by their 2011 Holiday collection.  The dress, clutch, bracelets & earrings are all from Armani.  The shoes are Sergio Rossi.  Jacket is from the, and this gorgeous ring (super expensive) is from Forzieri.

Vogue Inspired

For this set, I tried to recreate the model's outfit.  I'm in love with this vintage Chanel bag. Skirt is by Vivienne Westwood, shirt from Tillys, shoes are Prada and this coat is from Mango. It's very simple & chic. 

Hope you like these!  I will be posting more this week.  I hope you're all having a great day.