Monday, August 6, 2012

Miami LOVE.

Hello my LOVElies!! I'm back from my mini Miami getaway and so sad but I had a really great time.  I definitely needed that trip!  It was a nice mix of relaxation & party time AND I got my tan on :)
This post will include all of my outfits and a bunch of other photos from my time there. Also going to include the ones from last post too.  Since these were all taken with my iPhone it was hard to get them all the same size on here.  I can't wait to start getting back to my regular blogging posts! 

Flying solo, waiting for the plane. 

My backyard for the weekend!

Top: Zara, Shorts: Forever21, Shoes: Zara 
First night out, wore this for drinks at Sugar Cane.

Coffee & eggs outside next morning.

Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret, Kimono: Cotton On 
My swim wear for pool day :) I got to relax for part of the day while my friend was at work.

Bustier: Forever21, Shorts: Forever21, Shoes: Mandee 
Wore this my second night out.  It's a lace bustier that I paired with these high waisted leopard shorts.  Very Miami!  Wore it for a late dinner at Mangos on Ocean Drive & then to club Mansion.   

Don't mind the boobs on the wall lol this was at Mangos 

Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret, Kimono: Cotton On 
Beach day! 

Ocean Drive 

Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Mandee 
Wore this the 3rd night out and it's when I had the most fun!  Went to this spot called Haven in South Beach for sushi and drinks and then a little later in the night it turns into a lounge with amazing music.  I met some friends there too and then we all went to this local spot after called Fox Hole.  Fun fun fun!

Claudia & Amanda

My friend Jay from high school!

Last day in Miami 

Top: Zara, Shorts: Forever21
Wore this to brunch.  Love these peplum tops and my new jean shorts!


Mmmm Mimosa :)

Sad to leave but so happy that I was able to spend a couple of days there again.  As you can see I literally documented my entire trip through photos.  Hope that you liked! Miami is one of my favorite places and I know I will be back there soon. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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